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tv   BBC World News America  WHUT  March 8, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> and now "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am katty kay. as syrian forces expand attacks on rebels, a top government official the fax from the assad regime. -- defects from the al-sadr's gene. and two hostages killed. remembering the tsunami. we have a special report on the pain and hope at the at the center. >> they will build this town again. it is the same story. dozens of parameters were raised. -- perimeters were raised.
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welcome to "bbc world news america," broadcast on to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. the rebellion in syria has claimed its first high-level defections. the deputy oil minister is leaving the government to join the rebels. it is a sign of the times. the news has not stopped the violence. tonight, there are reports that government forces -- have launched a fresh assault. we have this report. >> there are hopes that the u.n. might be able to help syria. >> i have been struck by the difference between what i have seen here in damascus and what i saw yesterday. the devastation is significant.
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the -- that part of homs is completely destroyed and i am concerned to know what has happened to the people who lived in that part of the city. >> the u.n. envoy was only able to visit for 45 minutes, but clearly enough to make clear the destruction after amount of siege and bombardment. officials paved the way, but the underlying message could not be discussed. activists say many were killed after security forces moved in last week. one man had enough. the deputy oil minister became the highest ranking member of the saudi government to the fact -- of the assad government to defect. >> i to not want to end my
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career serving the crimes of this regime. i choose to police -- to join the voice of justice. i know they will persecute my family and fabricate lies against me. the blood of the martyrs will not forgive those who continue to be accomplices of the regime on the grounds they are just employees or obeying orders. >> the defection is good news for the opposition. its fighters and the free syrian army have kept up with government forces, like this attack in the northwest. and the government continues to use its heavy weapons against towns and villages. is looking increasingly like civil war. that is what the special peace
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envoy coffee and non -- kofi annan observe. he urged the syrian government and the opposition to cooperate on a political solution. >> we have to be totally realistic when we come to the table to understand it will yield the right results. otherwise, we create even more problems. >> kofi annan has experienced and wide international experience. if he cannot make a breakthrough, who can? >> those international efforts to stop the bloodshed in syria, and i spoke to the former u.s. ambassador to syria. thank you for joining me. as them -- as ambassador to
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damascus, he met many syrians. are you surprised there have not been many more high-level defections? >> yes, i am. remember, he does not know where his family is. if they are still in syria, they're in jeopardy. it takes courage to be in the capitol, to be in the situation. >> right. but we saw several members of gaddafi's and their circle -- gaddafi's inner circle abandon him in the days before military action? >> wright. but we have to keep -- right. but we have to keep in mind that libya was already a safe zone. there are no safe zones. the syrian military is trying to cut routes into lebanon and
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turkey. people cannot get out for safety. >> you understand this culture exists in the syrian capital. do you think members of the a side regime believe he will stay in -- of the astonishing believe he will stay in power? >> it is hard to say what they believe. psychologically, that is for the enforcement lies. if more and more people think the upside is doomed, if they will flee the country at some point and leave their family to face the music as it were, there are always chances that they will have second thoughts about what they are doing. >> kofi annan has said any militarization will make the situation worse. do you agree with him?
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>> is hard to know what to do in the situation. that is certainly one way to look at. i respect that. on the other hand, i do not believe in letting up on these people. homs was a demonstration for the rest of syria of what could happen to them if they resist. >> thank you very much for coming on the show. >> thank you. >> in nigeria, two foreign hostages were killed during rescue operation. the men, one british and one italian, were construction professionals. there were kidnapped last may in north western nigeria. after making the announcement, british prime minister david cameron says there was evidence there was growing danger.
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we have this report. >> the british hostage held for nearly a year in nigeria. today, he and the italian held with him were killed. >> preparations were made for an operation to attempt to rescue them. together with the nigerian government, today i authorized the go ahead with uk support. is with great regret i have to say they have lost their lives. we are still awaiting confirmation of the details. indications are clear that both men were murdered by their captors before they could be rescued. >> they were working for a construction company when they were kidnapped in northwest nigeria. they were taken from a house on may 12 last year. there was video of the men
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surrounded by their captors that emerged last august. it was the first proof of live, but lead to a belief they were in danger. another video in december. any credible threat to kill them. new intelligence led to the men being tracked down in a house. early today, the prime minister made the decision to launch a military operation. but after a fierce gun battle, the hostages were found dead. it is believed at the hands of their captors. the group holding the men are believed to have been a group linked to a particularly violent nigerian islamist organization. the group may have developed links with al-qaeda. they have a history of kidnapping westerners for ransom in north africa.
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this evening, chris mcmanus's family issued a statement. "however, we knew would never could be done was being done." bbc news. >> a very difficult rescue operation. and a note from pakistan. the three widows of osama bin laden have been been charged with illegally trying to get into the country. there were ten io custody after american commandos killed the al-qaeda leader last year. now to greece, where the country is facing another hurdle in the bailout program from the imf. creditors were given until the end of the day to decide whether or not for the restructuring of government bonds. a short time ago, i spoke to our
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correspondent in athens. has the creditors agreed to give up some money owed? >> you may be shocked. is this the greece you and i know and love? that seems to be the case. the government is trying to get enough bondholders. it is a huge hit on the debt. they would write off at least 100 billion euros. 10% of the private bond owners were keen to the deal. that is close to the target. with that, if that does go ahead, at the target is reached, if they reach 85%, 90%, then they will move forward
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and avoid an imminent default. >> if you were a great school teacher who has seen their salary cut by something like 30%, it must seem unfair that these private bondholders -- it must seem only fair that these private bondholders are sharing this, right? >> that is what the year saying. they have taken such a big hit in terms of their salaries. whether this actually gets to the roots of the problem on increase it is another issue. the country suffers from a lack of growth and a lack of productivity. the deal will not get to the root of the problem i increase. that is why they have to have some wet and ahead for the problem lurking there. >> ok, and one day, we will get
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to the root of the question why it debt negotiations in increase go on until the early hours. it was one year ago this sunday that a huge earthquake struck off the coast of japan and the sparked a tragedy the country has yet to recover from. 15,000 people were killed in the tsunami. a year on, thousands are still missing. our correspondent went back to japan fell east coast to speak to one family. >> shadows on the landscape. avoid full of memories. the memory of the smile his wife gave him. >> i just wish i could go back in time, go back to that day. uya is burdened by the
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knowledge that he survived and his wife did not. she was carried away by the wave. hibiki and his big sister are laughing again. it has taken a year. >> they cry out in their sleep. my heart aches. >> alongside izumi, the tsunami killed over 7000 people to find -- the final tally showed. now as they raise the ground 3 meters high, it will build the town again. dozens of communities that were erased are being billed to can.
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the first priority is the unfinished task of accounting for everyone. at the school, 70 children were swept away. four have not been found. his mother disappeared along with them. nothing moves on, says mr. takayama. "i cannot find any trace of her." ikari and hibiki used to be inseparable from their grandmother. their father feels trapped by the passed. >> it is still with me. >> children never want to live through this again, but one day, he will lose that. this place still feels like home.
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bbc news, japan. >> the tsunami that killed so much destruction. you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come -- kicking off the queen's jubilee in style. a tour of the u.k. for the celebration. as if there were not enough crises to worry about these days, today a solar storm has engulfed the earth. not to worry. so far, the impact has been pretty minimal. >> a storm on the surface of our sun, the most intense in five years. it has been triggered by the two gigantic solar flares. the continued activity could soon have an effect on earth. that is what the u.s. government is monitoring the situation closely. >> yes, this is coming towards
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them. be aware, be watching. >> watched. a solar tsunami is on the white. >> this from the u.s. news network's. >> breaking news. a massive solar storm. >> how worried should we be? these are gigantic sheets of charged particles. these sheets may be on a collision course with the earth. the solar storm can electrify the upper atmosphere. that leads to power surges on the ground. and in the past, surges could be so strong that entire cities would be plunged into darkness. and there could be destruction to the planet's satellites. >> it is taken extremely seriously.
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we may expect these things to increase. we are already cooperating with the americans on this. president obama signed an agreement early last year. >> there are no reports so far of power failures or communications problems. bbc news. >> today is international women's day, but we think it is worth remarking. women have made huge strides in recent years. in many countries, we are better educated and healthier than men. but that is not true of women in developing countries, where we lag far behind. and the philippines, they rose before dawn to mark
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international women's day. they had a female president, but they still do not have equal access to health, wealth, and healthcare. macdill so, they rallied. -- and so, the rally. >> despite the risks, these women carry-on. they know they are fighting not just for the rights of their people, but for the rights and freedoms of some many of them. >> even in syria, women came out to mark the day and to denounce the regime. women throughout the arab world have claimed political rebellion as their own. and in afghanistan, the country's only female basketball team celebrates with a match against the americans.
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the americans won come up but that does not really matter. >> the first lady today met with the president of global voices, a global partnership. she joined me a short time ago. it seems like we are taking one step forward, one step back. how much progress have we made in rural areas over the decade? >> each year, icy working with women leaders around the world -- each year, more and more countries, corporations, and i think quite frankly there is more focus on women and women's leadership and the critical role that women play. and i think companies and countries recognizing they are moving forward with half the population. >> have there been strides
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forward? >> absolutely. it is today we want to celebrate. it is also a day where we recognize there are places in the world or child marriage exists, human trafficing, where girls are not educated. >> helping women is the best possible use that america can make of its aid budget. what is she saying? >> emerging women leaders -- what we have seen, when women get a seat at the table and a stake, they bring their whole community, their whole families. >> that is not true of men? >> that is not what the research says. women take their earnings and reinvest 90% of those earnings
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and their families and communities. that is only 30% to 40% true of men. we have also seen it on the ground. thus far, we have touched directly thousands of women around the world. when women are invested, they turn around and they invest in it. >> thank you very much. i hope one day there will not be in international women's day, because we will be in a position where we do not need. thank you. and now to a woman who needs no introduction. after 60 years on the throne, queen elizabeth begins her diamond jubilee tour of the u.k. as the special bonus, the duchess of cambridge was there
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as well. >> 10 years ago, the golden jubilee. it got off to a comparatively slow start. the people of leicester, a diverse city in the heart of england, came not in the thousands for the diamond jubilee and to welcome the duchess of cambridge. it is that cultural diversity that made this an interesting place for the diamond jubilee visits. at lester cathedral, the queen attended -- the queen attended a special service. prayer is were said for british soldiers -- prayers were said for british soldiers killed in
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afghanistan. >> we pray for your shirt, -- yorkshire. >> there were prayers, too, for the queen in her jubilee year. outside the cathedral, bouquets of flowers. to clean invited the duchess to join her today -- the queen invited the duchess to join her today. bedtimes', the queen took one side of the crowd while the duchess took the other. they went together to a fashion show. there relationship appears to be an easy one. the younger woman leaning across. the queen was hoping that that the newcomer would absorb a few lessons. it is also a subtle signal that
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after 60 years the clean it recognizes the importance of bringing non -- the queen recognizes the importance of bringing on someone so important to the monarchy of the future. not that everyone is a monarchist. but the monarch appears to be as popular as ever. >> coming to the jubilee tour is just fantastic. >> it is awesome to celebrate it with her. >> it was a welcome way beyond her expectations. bbc news. >> and to her majesty and the duchess of cambridge, a very happy diamond jubilee new year. if you like to find me on twitter, i am @kattykaybbc.
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